All scripture contained in this podcast is from the King James Bible (Authorized Version)
Dec. 14, 2019

New Hope Trio

This is a special edition of “That’s In The Bible?”. If you are like us you are probably always on the lookout for Christ honoring music to add to your playlist. Listen today as we interview a Bible Believing Gospel Trio from a local church (Bible Baptist Fellowship) in central New York State. Discover how they were led to write songs praising and glorifying the Lord, and listen as they tell the stories behind the inspiration to the songs from their debut CD. We will hear all 15 songs in their entirety and tell you how you can download each of these songs at no cost to you!

All songs from the New Hope Trio can be downloaded for free at BBFCHURCH.NET or by clicking this link.

Website: That's In The Bible?
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