All scripture contained in this podcast is from the King James Bible (Authorized Version)


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God’s Holy Word Expertly Delivered

This podcast is “top notch”! If you want to know what GOD says about any and all topics of our human existence, this is the podcast to listen to. God’s pure word is quoted continuously throughout each episode, which is exactly what people need to hear; because God is mankind’s final authority in all we do or say. The host of this podcast, as well as the two resident Pastors and one Missionary, are extremely knowledgeable in the Holy Scriptures. These podcast episodes are like having a private Bible study! Thank you, all, for your time and fellowship. Glory to God!

Excellent podcast in it's own way & it ways a lot!

These fella's are thorough & quite thought provoking. They let the Bible correct us rather than correcting the bible. How neat is THAT! I look forward to each podcast as it comes down the pike.

Great Message

Great content in this podcast. I also enjoyed the new format.