All scripture contained in this podcast is from the King James Bible (Authorized Version)
That's In The Bible?


February 14, 2009

What Is Mary’s Place In The Bible?

Should we pray to Mary? Is Mary divine? Did Mary have other children? Find out what the Bible says! (On This Episode: Eric, Matt, Pastor Matt Smith, Rick, and Matt the Intern) The link that Pastor Matt Smith mentioned is http...


February 08, 2009

Is Everything Written In The Bible For Me?

Find out how to read the Bible to understand it. Learn how to apply the Bible to your life and discover the common mistakes that others have made when trying to understand the Bible.

The Bible Common Questions

February 01, 2009

Is The Bible For Everyone?

Who is the Bible for? Is it just for those of the Christian faith? What about the Jewish people? What about those of other faiths? What about those of no faith, is it for them too? Find out from this podcast episode if the Bi...

The Bible Common Questions

January 26, 2009

Why Good People Don’t Go To Heaven

How do you get to heaven? How can you say good people don't go to Heaven?! Isn't it by being as good as you can be and then hoping that your good deeds will outweigh your bad? Find out what the Bible says you must do to get t...

Common Questions Salvation

January 18, 2009

Body Soul And Spirit?

What is the Soul and what is the Spirit? Find out what the Bible says about each. Discover how man is a triune being.

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